Advanced Robotic Vision System (ARV)
The V910i system is a next generation solution for the Final Product Inspection, specifically designed for SSD Inspection with 3X higher inspection throughput.

Functionality V910i
Operating system Label defects (bubble, incorrect label, misalignment, empty, peel off, contamination, orientation, missing,
incorrect printing, printing misalignment, printing quality & scratch), housing scratch, housing assembly gaps,
screw damaged, screw missing, wrong screw, gold finger lifted and contamination.
Inspected Devices SSD (Various types of 1.8”, 2.5” & M.2 drives), Modular Device
No. of Inspection Surfaces 6 sided surface inspection
Throughput Up to 400 UPH
System Dimensions
Footprint W: 2115 mm x D: 1730 mm x H: 2040 mm
Weight ~ 1600 kgs
Hardware Systems
Vision Camera 4 x 4 mega pixels color cameras; 22µm & 27µm per pixel resolution
Vision Lighting Coaxial Lights, Ring Lights & Bar Lights
Computer System Workstation; Intel Xeon Processor; 16GB RAM; 1 x 500GB SATA HDD; 1 X 120GB SSD HDD; 21 inch wide screen monitor
Graphic Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
Host Protocols 10/100/1000-Base Ethernet; TCP/IP or MS Network
Device Input Form JEDEC tray (up to 14 trays)
Device Output Form JEDEC tray (up to 15 trays); 2 Reject Trays
Pick and Place Mechanism SCARA Robot
Indexing Mechanism High Speed Direct-drive Turntable