V810i S2EX

Advanced 3D X-ray Inspection System (AXI)
World fastest and best test coverage AXI system for PCB SMT assembly line

Board Dimensions V810i S2EX V810i S2 V810i S2 XXL
Maximum panel size 482mm X 610mm (19″ x 24″) 457mm X 610mm (18″ x 24″) 660mm X 965mm (26″ x 38″)
Minimum panel size 76mm X 76mm (3″ x 3″) 76mm X 76mm (3″ x 3″) 76mm X 76mm (3″ x 3″)
Maximum panel inspectable area 474mm X 610mm (18.7″ x 24″) 434mm X 610mm (17.1″ x 24″) 654mm X 965mm (25.75″ x 38″)
Maximum panel thickness 7 mm (276 mils) 4mm (160 mils), 7mm (280 mils) with carrier 3.5mm (140 mils) for Dual magnification system 12.7 mm (500 mils)
Minimum panel thickness 0.5mm (20 mils) 0.5mm (20 mils) 0.5mm (20 mils)
Panel warp Downside < 3.0mm; Upside < 1.5mm (PSP) Downside < 2.0mm; Upside < 1.0mm Downside < 3.3mm; Upside < 3.3mm
Maximum panel weight 4.5kg 4.5kg 15kg
Minimum panel weight 0.03kg 0.03kg 0.03kg
Board top clearance 50mm @ 23um resolution
38mm @ 19um resolution
11mm @ 11um resolution
(calculated from board top surface)
25mm @ 19um resolution
10mm @ 11um resolution
(calculated from belt surface)
25mm @ 19um resolution
15mm @ 13um resolution
(calculated from board top surface)
Board bottom clearance 70mm 50mm 80mm
Panel edge clearance 3mm 3mm 3mm
Panel width tolerance +/- 0.7mm +/- 0.7mm +/- 0.7mm
System resolution 11um/19um/23um 19um/11um 19um /13um
100% Press-fit testability Yes (With PSP2 feature) Yes (With PSP2 feature) Yes (With PSP2 feature)
Maximum acceptable panel temperatures 40 Deg C 40 Deg C 40 Deg C
System Dimensions
Footprint 1566mm (W) x 2145mm (D) x 1972mm (H) 1520mm (W) x 1940mm (D) x 1890mm (H) 2240mm (W) x 2460mm (D) x 1980mm (H)
Weight ~3500kg ~3300kg ~5500kg